Online exam on Fundamental Design and Manufacturing

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online exam

Continuous chip is formed when machining


Methode of increasing reliability for a system


A shaper cannot produce


Wire is fabricated by the process of


Out of the following, which is the defect which is not associated with casting process:


What is ‘swing’ of a centre lathe?


Plastic components are manufactured by


Cutting and forming operation can be done in a single operation on


In electroplating, the object to be electroplated acts as


In sand moulding, the bottom most part of flask called 


The material used for coating electrode is called


Finish is more affected by


Cutting speed in milling operation is given by πDN, where N and D indicate


Cutting tools are made of


In MIG Helium or argon is used in order to


Advantage of cold working is


The design of any product is _________ of customer expectation.


Ideal chip is


Which of the following welding process uses non-consumable electrode


In grinding wheels, which of the following abrasives are used?


The hardness of grinding wheel is specified by


In piercing operation, the clearance is provide on 


The forging operation of “upsetting” is


Hot tears are casting defect 


The study of form and structure of design is called