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online exam 

The size of a unit cell is described by:


The word ‘polymer’ meant for material made from ______________.


Atomic number equals


Grain boundaries are:


Strong and ductile materials


100 g of solder contains 52 wt% tin (Sn) and 48 wt% lead (Pb). The atomic weight of Sn is 118.7 g/mol, and the atomic weight of Pb is 207.2 g/mol.

No. of mole of Sn in the solder is:


Following is wrong about a phase diagram.


In a bcc structure, the lattice constant, a, and the atom radius, R, have the following relationship:


Kevlar is commercial name for ___________


Gibbs phase rule for general system:


The degree of freedom at triple point in unary diagram for water ________.


Overall transformation rate changes with temperature as follows:


Not a basic step of precipitation strengthening


The number of atoms in a unit cell of bcc, fcc and hcp metals are


The boundary line between (liquid) and (liquid+solid) regions must be part of _________.


An invariant reaction that produces a solid up on cooling two liquids:


A metallic bond forms by


Interstitials are:


Figure out the odd statement about ceramics in the following


Mg has an atomic number Z = 12. The electronic configuration for a magnesium ion with a plus two (+2) charge is:


Very electronegative atoms (Cl) are most likely to


Not a Hume-Ruthery condition:


Impurity not responsible for temper embrittlement


In general, strongest polymer group is __________


First metal known to be used by man