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Free Body Diagrams

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Free Body Diagrams

Postby champcsm » Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:30 pm

Free Body Diagrams
We will need a way to organize forces that are acting on a particular object. The easiest way to do this
is by using a free body diagram.
● A free body diagram is just a simple sketch of the object showing all the forces that are acting
on it.
● To draw a proper free body diagram, you must follow these steps:
1. Draw a quick sketch of the object. Often a simple box will do.
2. Place a dot in the centre of the object. We basically treat this as the spot that all the
forces are thought to act upon.
3. For every force acting on that object (we don't care about forces acting on any other
objects), draw a vector that shows the size and direction of the force. Each vector must
start from the dot and point outwards.
4. Label each vector based on the type of force it is. Do not include numbers or
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