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study note of FDM : What is CAD?

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study note of FDM : What is CAD?

Postby subham » Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:11 am

What is CAD ?

The full name of CAD is a Computer aided Design. The name suggest that it is a process of design by using computer. And we can say as a definition CAD is a design activity that involves the effective use of the computer to design, Modify/Editing, Analyze or Documentation an engineering design.

CAD is included with

<>Use of computers (hardware & software) for designing products

<>Numerical method, optimizations etc.

<>2D/3D drafting

<>3D modeling for visualization

<>Modeling curves, surfaces, solids, mechanism, assemblies, etc.

And generally CAD consist of four stages

1. Geometric modeling
2. Engineering Analysis
3. Design review and evaluation
4. Automated drafting

There are several good reason for using CAD system to support the engineering design those are

1. To increase the productivity of the designer
2. to improved the quality of the design
3. To improved design documentation
4. To create a manufacturing data base
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