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Tips to Clear the computing and Informatics Paper- Section A

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Tips to Clear the computing and Informatics Paper- Section A

Postby sanjaydsingh » Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:44 pm

Tips to Crack Computing and Informatics

If we see the syllabus of computing and informatics we see that syllabus is get divided into three fallowing part which are fallowing.

1.Programming Language section 2.Computer Hardware section 3.Computer Software section
Non IT background student facing problem in first part which is programming language. Programming language having major stake in question paper of computing and informatics so we can not ignore it. other part of computing and informatics are easy to learn as compare to programming language. you can only crack the paper of computing and informatics only if you have good command over computer hardware and computer software section.
Some Tips To Crack Computing and Informatics

1.For Non IT Student they should first complete computer hardware and computer software. if you do this will improve your confidence and remove your fear regarding computing and informatics.

2. If we look at last two to three year question paper we see that Binary conversion and Logic Gates are compulsory question so make strong command over this.

3. To complete computer theory in better way , I would like to advice you to use PETER NORTON textbook of TATAMcGRAW HILL publication. this is the Best book for computer theory i ever known. i used the same book and cleared my computing and informatics paper.

4. For Programming Language i want to i want to say that first make strong command over C Language after that learn C++. If you have any friend having IT background take his help otherwise join any institute for coaching of C and c++ language.

5.If we look at past few year question paper we find that Networking question asked regularly so networking question may be your sure marks if you prepare for it in good way.
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Re: Tips to Clear the computing and Informatics Paper- Secti

Postby nirz4all » Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:50 pm

THank u fren and it is very nice tips for non-IT students .
It will become usefull in exams for passing this subjects.
Share for every subjects if you have,,,,,,

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