Engineering Design Process

In early post we discussed on What is an Engineering Design? now we start disusing on what is engineering design process ? It is process to design a new product as per customer need by maintaining a systematic process that is called Engineering Design Process. Engineering design process we can maintain by some pre-determinate blocks or we can say pre-determinate steps which we have to follow systematically. See that above block diagram of basic module in engineering design process.

engineering design process

Specific information: It means you collect the customer needs by any survey or interview with customer.
General information: According to customer need you should collect the information regarding that. Like any solution already available or not. Any other company work on that or not.
Design operation: Give total details to Design engineer about customer needs and market analysis. And wait for solution which design engineer provide to solve the problem.
Evaluation: Evaluate the design operation out come with customer need. If it is satisfied customer need then proceed to next label to detail design or back again to design operation cell to rethink the solution

Lets we take an example to understand the engineering design process better way. Suppose you have to make washing machine
Need : Need should be identified by customer design process
Let suppose customer want upgrade operation of drying and pressing in their washing machine
Goal : here Designer must specified that what must be done to resolve the problem.
Market analysis : collect information on any solution already available or not. Any other company work on that or not.
Function: it is very essential to complete product functional structure before completing the design.

Specification : In this category we have to look forward to lots of more consideration like time required to washing and drying, Power consumption, water needed, Weight and dimension of washing machine.
Conceptualisation : We can solve problem in different process or you can say concept. Like in washing machine separate dirt by agitation, Remove dirt by rinsing, remove water by spinning, dry clothes by trembling so on.
Concept selection : Now we have to select the best concept for satisfy the customer need. Like in case of agitator now we have to think the more possible shape to make agitator.
Analysis: Now we have to analysis different type of component which is needed for making our machine with technological, economical and manufacturing consideration.
Marketing: In this step we have to select best scheme to sale our product in Market by satisfying customer and seller both.

Hope this discussion on Engineering Design process clear your concept and finding helpful.