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Amie preparation

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:46 am
by sagar sharma
Hi friends,those who cannot completed graduation in enginering such as diploma stream any branch where you can complete your graduation in engineering which is recognized everywhere And it is also true that most of the students are busy with their job, they cant get sufficient time to study thoroughly. Every one thinks How to start Amie preparation ? Some tip helps to start ur preparation

Here i share my experience and share with you all, how i have started my amie preparation.

1. First you make separate note book for different subjects.

2. Paste the photocopy of the syllabus of respective subject on first page.

3. Go through the syllabus with very concentration.

4. Arrange last five years question paper.Which you can find from our forum.

5. Write down the question in your subject wise note book by chapter wise like in material science from chapter defect in crystal you search all question from last five years question paper and write on note book.

6. For making this note book you have to spend some time, after completion you will realize that 20% of your study is completed.

7. Now make a idea what are the minimum chapters to read for answering all questions.

8. After selecting chapters now you should take over view of those chapter from IEIndia study material.

9. Now you can get lots of confidence. Now search spacial study notes chapter wise from different websites. I think most of them you can get from our site go through that.

10. Follow the examination Guidance for completing exam in time.