Hand book on material science- 1

Download excellent quality study note and ebooks of amie section a on Material Science in pdf,ppt,doc format
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Hand book on material science- 1

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Some tips also I will attached for how to write exam

Exams are process of judgement . it is a judgement about your knowledge .it is a process to express your knowledge to examiner .

about examination Shakespeare says that " Examination is not an art of knowing but it is an art of showing"
from above sentence it is clear that if you have much more knowledge but you do not know the art , How to show it? then i am sure that your knowledge is useless.

I saw many student in my life who are studying very hard but still getting less marks or insufficient marks after examination . it might be possible because of fallowing reason.

1. Poor handwriting
2. Bad presentation
3. Solve question in hurry and make mistake in easy question as well.
4.Not maintain answers sheets according to examiner i.e. " first impression is last impression"

some important tips to write examination paper

1. First thing to be stored in your mind i.e. according to examiner point of view '" first impression is last impression " when you are getting question paper in examination hall then read question paper for 20 minutes and do not write anything . select the question or group which you can solve fully.
if first few question of your answers sheet are perfect then examiner not only give you good marks but also psychologically put positive impression regarding you. this will helpful to you to get good marks in other answers of question.

2.Second thing which is most important is to write good answers i mean good presentation of you answers. a good presented answers put positive impression on examiner regarding you. good presentation of answers mean " underline the important word with colour pen "(except red pen) . if you are giving any formula make it in a box.when you are solving any numerical close final answer in a box.
if you use above technique then examiner will take less time to check your answers sheet above technique definitely put positive impression on examiner.

3.Third thing is to solve the question in a sequence and in a proper manner . solve a answer in such a way that examiner should not feel any difficulty to check your answer sheet. do not solve answer in irregular way like group A Q(1) answer on first page and Q.2 answer on last page. if any question is difficult and time consuming then leave proper space for that question and go ahead to solve other question.

4. arrange your time to solve group question according to that you should get proper time to solve group C question . i saw many student after exam saying that" i left C group question because i did not get proper time for it." for clearing of any subject C group marks are very important because C group is scoring group.

5. Do not try to make fool to examiner because they are Godfather for us or for AMIE exams. if you are unable to solve any question leave it but do not write anything else.
before solving any question first read any question carefully and understand what question is appealing and write the answer in that manner.
Do not write answer like history always write answer with point. give revent and perfect answer according to question. always make graph and diagram right hand side of answer sheet whenever necessary.
Hand book on material science- 1.pdf

You also see the following study material of Materials Science Engineering

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Hand book on material science- 1
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Hand book on material science- 1



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Re: Hand book on material science- 1

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Hi lic_ibrahim,
welcome to nbcafe family. Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion.
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Re: Hand book on material science- 1

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Thanks a lot.
For sharing valuable Notes.
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Re: Hand book on material science- 1

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Thank you sir.

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Re: Hand book on material science- 1

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its very useful.. :)
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