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Hooke’s Law

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:44 pm
by champcsm
Hooke’s Law in 1D
Once the values of E, ν, G and α are experimentally determined (for widely used structural materials
they can be simply read off a manual), they can be used to construct thermoelastic constitutive
equations that link stresses and strains as described in the following subsections.
§5.4.1. Elastic Modulus And Poisson’s Ratio In 1D Stress State
The one-dimensional Hooke’s law relates 1D normal stress to 1D extensional strain through two
material parameters introduced previously: the modulus of elasticity E, also calledYoung’s modulus
and Poisson’s ratio ν. The modulus of elasticity connects axial stress σ to axial strain :
σ = E , E = σ

, = σ
. (5.3)
Poisson’s ratio ν is defined as ratio of lateral strain to axial strain:
ν =

lateral strain
axial strain

= −lateral strain
axial strain