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Sec-A (AD304)Last 10yr Imp. Questions frm Development proces

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Sec-A (AD304)Last 10yr Imp. Questions frm Development proces

Postby rajamohanta4 » Fri Sep 16, 2016 3:04 pm

Sec-A Society and Environment Last 10yr Imp QueioFrom Chapter - Development Process
1.What is Planning ? How it can be made more effective ?
2.What are the Impacts of technological and cultural factors on social change ?
3.Write notes on Plan holiday and Rolling Plan.
4.What are the difference between Science and technology ?
5.What do you mean by Man power Planning ? How it is done ?
6.What are the technological developments during the 20th century ?
7.What is the role of Science and technology in social development ?
8.Write note on Technology Policy of India.
9.What is the role of Information technology to improve our effectiveness in workplace ?
10.What are the major factors responsible for social development ?
11.Do you think that five year plans have met their objectives, Explain.
12.What is planning ? How engineer can help in better planning of resources ?
13.What are the Objectives of planning ?
14.What are the five stages of economic growth ? Explain.
15.What is the main objective of economic planning in India ?
16.What are the causes which are responsible for migration of large number of people from Rural to Urban areas ?
17.What are the parameters of Development ?
18. How population is responsible for the development of our country ?
19.What are the difference between Developed, Developing and Underdeveloped economy ?
20.Write note on Women Empowerment.
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