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Section-A Material science last ten year Important Questions

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Section-A Material science last ten year Important Questions

Postby rajamohanta4 » Tue Sep 13, 2016 9:01 pm

Section-A Material science last ten year Important Questions for Chapter- Mechanical Properties of Material
1.State & explain Lever rule with a tie line.
2.What is Resilience ?
3.Write note on Yield point phenomenon.
4.Difference between True strain and Engineering strain.
5.Explain Engineering stress-strain diagram of glass.
6.Why does necking occcur during tension test ?
7.Difference between Brittle fracture and Ductile fracture.
8.Explain Griffith criterion for crack propagation in brittle solid.
9.Write a note on Creep Curve. What are its three stages ?
10.What is Creep Resistance ?
11.Difference between True stress and Engineering stress.
12.Explain Cup and Cone fracture.
13.What is Toughness ?
14.What do you mean by FTP and NDT ?
15.What is the relation between dislocation climb and metallic creep ?
16.Differenciate between Stress concentration, Stress intensity factor and fracture toughness.
17.What is Zone refining ?
18.Write a note on Peritectic Reaction.
19.Explain Hall petch equation.
20.Explain Creep behavior in metals.
21.Difference between Hot and Cold working.
22.What is toughness of a material ? How to measure it and assessed ?
23.Difference between Impact toughness and fracture toughness.
24.Explain Schmid's law.
25.Difference between true breaking strength, nominal breaking strength and true fracture strength.
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