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study note of FDM : Design for Reliability and Safety

PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:01 pm
by subham
Reliability is a measurement of the ability of a component or system to operate without failure in the service environment. It is expressed as the probability of the component functioning for a given time without failure. Durability is the amount of use that a person gets out of a product before it deteriorates—that is, it is a measure of the product lifetime. While durability, like reliability, is measured by failure, it is a much more general concept than reliability, which is a technical concept using probabilities and advanced statistical modeling.

Safety involves designing products that will not injure people or damage property. A safe design is one that instills confidence in the customer and does not incur product liability costs. To develop a safe design one must first identify the potential hazard, and then produce a design that keeps the user free from the hazards. Developing safe designs often requires trade-offs between safe design and wanted functions.