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Tips and Tricks to crack GATE

Want to crack GATE? Here is some tips and tricks to crack gate. Please read it and study accordingly

Tips and Tricks to crack GATE

Postby abhijit » Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:07 pm

According to an Engineering Team
Iimportance of each subject has been reduced as they are going to give 25 single mark and 30 two mark questions only
from core engineering part. And 5 single mark and 5 two mark questions from General Aptitude part. But here we should not
take it light of any subject as, we are going to get on an average 2mins for each single mark question and 3mins for each
two mark question. So, he can set either lengthy paper (in calculations)/difficult paper.
As number of questions has been reduced, from some subjects we may get one single mark question only. Or from some
subjects we may get one single mark and one two mark question only. Fortunately or unfortunately he cannot set one question
from multiple topics in those subjects. On one side we can expect questions from important topics only. But on other side, if he
take any unimportant or difficult area, we are going to waste all our preparation time in that subject. Here for rescue operation,
whole gamut of subject we have to study to get the confidence in that particular subject. At the same time do not leave any
subject by seeing toughness of the subject or lack of proficiency. Study min. level topics which are important. If he give
question from that particular area, it’s a cake walk for that subject. Conclusion is If you can study completely, donot leave even
cornered topic also. At the same time read all subjects at least important topics.
We should concentrate on linked questions also, as if you get wrong answer for the first question, you can be sure that
you lose second question also of course without negative marking. Means, you are going to lose, may be one complete subject
or at least strong topic.
Even we have to concentrate on Common Data questions also. Here flexibility comparing with Linked Question is, even
by keeping wrong answer for the first question, you may get correct answer for the second question. At the same time, if you do
any mistake in taking data given, gone! You will have to face again same situation. Your complete preparation may be wasted in
that subject for GATE.
In General Aptitude area, as he mentioned clearly 7 topics. So he may be forced to give minimum one question per
topic. At the same time, he cannot give 7 single mark and 7 two mark questions. So, we can expect one single mark question
from 5 topics and one two mark question from 5 topics.
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