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AMIE Online Coaching Registration Start for Summer 2014

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:37 pm
by subham
Hi Friend Registration Start for Summer 2014 for AMIE Section A and Section B . The classes will start from 1st January 2014 so please do registration before that. Visit our website to get all details online coaching is a part of our AMIE NBCAFE team and we assured you for getting quality coaching.

Contact with Us

For any quire please send us mail to us at and also call to us in bellow number 9800220107,9933892320.

The subjects Running for Registration

Section A

Fundamentals of Design And Manufacturing

Material Science & Engineering

Computing And Informatics

Society & Environment

Section B

Electronics and Communication Engineering

EC 403 Communication Engineering

EC 405 Micro-processors and Micro-controllers

EC 407 Design of Electronic Devices and Circuits

EC 421 Digital Hardware Design

EC 422 Pulse and Digital Circuits

EC 424 Solid State Physics and Semiconductor Devices

EC 434 Signal Processing

Computer Science and Engineering

CP 405 Pulse and Digital Circuits

CP 425 Micro-processors and Micro-controllers

CP 406 Computer Architecture

CP 412 Computer Networks

Electrical Engineering

EL 415/25/35 Micro-processors and Micro-controllers

EL 406 Measurements and Control

EL 412 Power Electronics

Civil Engineering

CV 403 Civil Engineering Materials and Construction Practices

CV 404 Geo-technical and Foundation Engineering

CV 405 Water Resources Systems

CV 406 Principles of Geo-informatics

CV 407 Analysis and Design of Structures Course Contain

CV 421 Principles of Environmental Engineering

CV 424 Design of Water and Waste water Treatment Systems

CV 425 Waste Management and Environmental Impact Assessment

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Re: AMIE Online Coaching Registration Start for Summer 2014

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:09 am
by subham
Do not waste your time to start preparation for summer 2014. Our new batch is to start from 1st february Please register yourself before 25th January. For any quire please send us mail to us at and also call to us in bellow number 9800220107,9933892320.
Coaching fees for one Subject= Rs 3000 only

Write a difference between evolution and innovative design?

Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 8:34 pm
by subham
DESIGN BY EVOLUTION:-It Implies the traditional method of design in which object and articles that we see around has taken its present form by gradual change by time. If one looks at history it can be seen that most of the tools , equipment,implements,took a long time to acquire their present form. Things changed gradually with the passage of time.Each Change was made to rectify some defects or difficulties faced by the users.Bicycles, calculates,computers,steam locomotives etc.all went trough a process of evolution in which designers tried one concept after another.Even today this process is being used to some extent.however this evolutionary process is very took a very long period of time to ccur even a slight modification.


Since the traditional design method failed to cope with modern design requirements, nowadays almost all designs are made by innovation. That is developments of a product by following scientific and purposeful effort. The innovative design is entirely different from the past practice of evolutionary design. Here the designer’s task is greatly magnified. He has to design and create something, which did not exist yet. Here he tries to solve the design problem in a systematic and orderly manner.

This approach is similar to analytical problem solving. However, an innovative designer faces the following difficulties.

1. He has to collect and evaluate information on a product, which is non-existing yet.

2. Necessity of analyzing complicated interaction of components.

3. He has to make predictions regarding its performance.

4. He has to ensure the technical and economical feasibility of the product.


1.The traditional designing did not consider the interdependence of products. They were concerned about only one component /product. But in the modern world, the existence of one product is dependent on another in some way or other

2.In the past, production was on small scale. Thus the penalty of a wrong design was tolerable. But, in the present time, production is on large-scale basis. As a result, any penalty of a wrong design will cost great loss.

3.Requirements of the customers of today’s world changes so frequently. Traditional design lags behind the advanced product & process technologies available today.

4. Traditional design methods cannot cope with competitive requirements of the modern world. Due to the above reasons modern design problem cannot be handled by traditional methods.

Answered by Sunil
student, OCC (AMIE Online coaching Class)