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Type or Classification of Engineering Design

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Type or Classification of Engineering Design

Postby subham » Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:48 pm

Original design , also called innovative design . This form of design is at the top of the hierarchy. It employs an original, innovative concept to achieve a need. Sometimes,but rarely, the need itself may be original. A truly original design involves invention. Successful original designs occur rarely, but when they do occur they usually disrupt existing markets because they have in them the seeds of new technology of far-reaching consequences. The design of the microprocessor was one
such original design.

Adaptive design . This form of design occurs when the design team adapts a known solution to satisfy a different need to produce a novel application. For example, we can adapting the ink-jet printing concept to spray binder to hold particles in place in a rapid prototyping machine. Adaptive designs involve synthesis and are relatively common in design.

Redesign . Much more frequently, engineering design is employed to improve an existing design. The task may be to redesign a component in a product that is failing in service, or to redesign a component so as to reduce its cost of manufacture. Often redesign is accomplished without any change in the working principle or concept of the original design. For example, the shape may be changed to reduce a stress concentration, or a new material substituted to reduce weight or cost. When redesign is achieved by changing some of the design parameters, it is often called variant design.

Selection design. Most designs employ standard components such as bearings, small motors, or pumps that are supplied by vendors specializing in their manufacture and sale. Therefore, in this case the design task consists of selecting the components with the needed performance, quality, and cost from the catalogs of potential vendors.

Industrial design. This form of design deals with improving the appeal of a product to the human senses, especially its visual appeal. While this type of design is more artistic than engineering, it is a vital aspect of many kinds of design. Also encompassed by industrial design is a consideration of how the human user can best interface with the product.

Design by evolution . If we look at the history of development, we find that most of tools, equipment, implement took a considerable time to acquire their present form. It means By increasing demand and for overcoming the difficulty of earlier machine gradually the design of machine changing accordingly customer need. It is a very slow process and the main reason of this slow evolutionary process of design was the absence of proper information.
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