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what is CAPP ?

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:01 pm
by subham
CAPP stands for Computer aided Process Planning. To know CAPP we have to get clear idea of What is a Process Planning ?
Process Planning is a set of instruction that are used to make a component or part as par the design specification set by designer. We can also say that process planning acts as a bridge between design and manufacturing process.

In another word process planning is the function within a manufacturing facility that establishes which processes and parameters are to be used (as well as those machines capable of performing this process ) to convert a part from its initial form to a final form predetermined (usually by a designed engineer) in an engineering drawing.


CAPP is the application of computer to assist the human process planer in the process planning function. In its lowest form it will reduce the time and effort required to prepare process plans and provide more consistent process plan. In its most advanced state, it will provide the automated interface between CAD and CAM and in the process achieve the complete integration with in CAD/CAM.