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Important Question and answer for Group B FDM : CAPP

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Important Question and answer for Group B FDM : CAPP

Postby subham » Thu Apr 25, 2013 12:13 pm

Hi friend i want to guide you in real manner that is why i think when we start prepearing any subject like Fundamental design and manufacturing ( FDM ) atfirst you have to know what are the question may come in exam chapter-wise. so i start with CAPP because it is easy to learn also remember . Find bellow the question wth link in answer (To see the answer of those question click on Unsolved question link below After click it will redirect adf.ly and please wait for 5 sec then you find top right corner skip ads click on that you will redirect to Download page)

What is a CAPP ?
Describe types of CAPP.
How it superior to manual process planning ?
what is CAD ?
What is CAM ?
Explain the detail the integration of CAD CAM. What is the role of computer in this integration ?
What do you mean by Integration ? what does it differ from interfacing ?
What are the basic needs for integration ?
How does CAPP help in selection of machine tools ?
Describe the role of integration of ‘product’ and ‘process design’ for economic manufacturing .
What is CIM?
What are the capabilities that an CAPP system have ?

Please reply here if you add another question and your reply our satisfaction.
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Re: Important Question and answer for Group B FDM : CAPP

Postby DURAIRAJ05 » Wed May 20, 2015 6:26 pm

First i have to say congrats to you for sharing this knowledge with all of us.Kindly keep it up.
and my request id,
Links not available for below mentioned Questions.If U provide links for that it will really helpful for all of us.
with regards,
R Durairaj,
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Re: Important Question and answer for Group B FDM : CAPP

Postby Bhamie » Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:39 pm

Please send me group a and group b notes i am so much confusing in studies Fdm please on my mail id bhrtkulkarni0@gmail.com
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