few tips for exam study

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few tips for exam study

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1. 1 Set up a study schedule and stick to it.

2. Begin to study early. Prepare a calendar four to five months before the exam date with daily study, work and leisure time.

3. There is nothing extremely difficult in the exam; there's just a lot to study.

4. Study at least one solid hour per day.

5. Study at least three eight-hour comprehensive days prior to the exam.

6. Study in groups when possible in order to keep yourself motivated.

7. Consider getting help in preparing for the exam either through one of the established review courses, computer assisted software or self-study.

8. If you have to travel some distance for the exam, leave early and arrive the day before.

9. Don't let "war stories" of others disturb you. Bad experiences are usually the result of poor preparation. Be prepared, be confident and be positive in your attitude.

10. Do not study heavily the night before the exam or the nights between.

11. Consider taking a break for a few minutes during each session of the exam. While it may be true that you will need most, if not all, of the time allowed, a short break can be very refreshing.
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