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Question pattern of AMIE has Changed without information

Discuss your AMIE related anything quaries.....

Question pattern of AMIE has Changed without information

Postby shubhayu » Sat Dec 08, 2012 10:41 am

Hi friend it is observed that this year winter 2012 of AMIE section a question pattern of Fundamental of Design and manufacturing has changed. i think IEIndia not give any intimation to student for that. The question of CAPP earlier in group B but this year it is in Group A. it create lots of problem basically who are making plan to answer grouped wise.I think IEIndia should inform all student before doing that.

what you say???

please reply.................

Ieindia should penalty for that because i loos one set question. I can only able to attained three brought question. Please make protest..............
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Re: Question pattern of AMIE has Changed without information

Postby RAVIGARU » Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:32 pm


Nothing Changed and everything is fine

IEI can give any question in any group in any format

1 question 20 marks
1 question a,ab,c

So dont think that i will read only some chapters to pass the exams
study each chapter thoroughly and appear for the exam

Do not leave any chapter.... If u leave 1 chapter and IEI will fits one question each from that chapter in group A and B
you will fail

so study hard to answer...any question any where

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Re: Question pattern of AMIE has Changed without information

Postby dramavat » Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:53 pm

No, there is not any change in any question paper style of WINTER 2012.
IEI follows most simplest paper style for paper.

There are always 9 questions in all papers. From these 9 questions, question number from 1 to 4 lies in PART - A of paper, then question number from 5 to 8 lies in PART - B and last question number 9 is in PART - C.

Now, student has the best opportunity to get good marks because from PART-A means from First 4 Questions, student has to answer only 2. and same for PART - B.
So student has to write total 5 questions in paper. All questions carry 20 marks.

So hence, 20marks X 5 questions (ex; 2 questions from PART-A; 2 questions from PART-B; 1 question from PART-C) = 100 marks. ;)
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