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Do not get confused to get admission in AMIE by any rumors

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Do not get confused to get admission in AMIE by any rumors

Postby subham » Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:36 am

Every where i just watch/listen some rumors are spread in AMIE MHRD issue. And it make confused new comer and also running student .I request all of you do not get confused to get admission in AMIE by any rumors .


There have no alternative of study in the globe. I promise you for getting amie Degree you have to study lots . Amie is not like other distance mode b tech like you may not seat for exam and get the degree. In amie you have to study hard even more than regular b tech program . I am a faculty of Engineering collage i know how easy to earn B tech degree from regular mode. In case of recognition till this year also lots of student get admission in IIT for M tech after AMIE no problem on that. You just check psc, ssc, ies exams ads they allow amie as a betch no problem on that. Do not forget that IEIndia was establish before Indian Independence and AICTE. And my personal opinion AMIE manage to get recognition from MHRD again.

And For running student i just want to add one thing be proud to be an AMIEan. Make our world with creating amie community and i think it will earn recognition.

If you have different opinion please post reply.........................
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Re: Do not get confused to get admission in AMIE by any rumo

Postby abhijit » Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:16 am

I agree with you subham. those who spreads rumors should be punished. new comer please do registration in IEI(INDIA). there is nothing to worry.

AMIE is situated in before the MHRD and AICTE born. Its a value. so guys please dont hear any rumors.
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Re: Do not get confused to get admission in AMIE by any rumo

Postby visualcpp » Thu Jan 02, 2014 11:12 am

I do strongly agree with the above. Infact I have joined as ST in AMIE after seeing this MHRD issue. Now AICTE's approval rights itself was cancelled by court and all the rights for giving approvals (so far AICTE was doing) is now being handed over to UGC. I guess MHRD might expect AMIE to get approval from UGC. UGC approves degrees from universities only.

In my view IE could be assigned as a standard body to give recommendations to UGC as it is very older body than these UGC and AICTE. It has all the qualities (knowledge about engineering education, its standard all over the world etc) and eligibilities to do so. UGC must utilize that knowledge in right way.

I guess how IE and other similar bodies were treated with special exemption from these routine approval process earlier, might get continued after finalization. Lets hope justice would be done for IE. Lets believe in Law!!
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