Structural Analysis!!! Difficult subject to crack... Start!!

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Structural Analysis!!! Difficult subject to crack... Start!!

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Dear Friends,

Hi to all the viewers interested in cracking the subject - Structural Analysis - CV 407. I have been avoiding this subject for more than 2 years now, since the time I have passed Section A. And now the time has come when only three subjects are left complete my section B examinations. This says that I will have to prepare for this subject as well!!! :twisted:

So dear friends, whosoever is preparing for this subject can join me on this venture. I have started the preparations from today. I saw a couple of videos to learn the degree of indeterminacy asked in papers. Kindly put a reply, if interested. I will post the lectures and material that I referred to in understanding the concept.

All the best to you and to me as well!! :D :D

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