Tips for AMIE Student to complete AMIE

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Tips for AMIE Student to complete AMIE

Post by subham »

Hi friends only IEIndia provides you a chance to complete your graduation degree in engineering in almost every branch of engineering.But structure of AMIE is quite different when compared to regular courses.You will not get any guidance to complete your respective subjects. Most of students are engaged in job so it seems very difficult to complete in short span of time. So friends, with my experience i am giving some tips which will help you a lot, if you follow these tips.

1> The most Important thing to complete AMIE is to keep your confidence that you can do it with strong determination.

2> Never believe in rumor that "AMIE is tough". Try to answer them with determination that you can show them that it is not tough. Keep in mind "Nothing is Impossible in world" you may have to work hard for achieving your goal.

3> For starting you have to select a time span which you can give for study it may be 1 or 2 hour does not matter but be honest on that, every day you should maintain the time table because no one is there to guide you.You have to make your self as guide of your own.

4> Give first priority to AMIE then your job, because only AMIE can bring you higher rank in your job In sort span of time.

5> Do not Fix your target to complete AMIE in a certain time.It may depraved you, it should remember "Failure is a Pillar of Success".

I am sure if you motivate yourself like that you will be completing your AMIE much faster than you think.

Please share your thoughts on this and post here.

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Re: Tips for AMIE Student to complete AMIE

Post by abhijit »

Nice experience subham........thanks a lot for sharing your experience.
we should learn from your experience.
thanks a lot.
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Re: Tips for AMIE Student to complete AMIE

Post by dramavat »

yes, you are right. we should not prejudge any condition or problems in our life. Instead of being weak to face problems, we should try to oppose and be most positive person.

With your positivity, confidence and smart work of preparation, you will get SUCCESS.
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Re: Tips for AMIE Student to complete AMIE

Post by nikhil »

Thank you for your valuable suggestions and motivation.

I to heard that "AMIE IS TOUGH" and was in confusion .

2nd point really motivated me .
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