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Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2014 4:25 pm
by pradeepreddy.amie
* The objective of the project work is to help the student develop ability to apply
the engineering and technological concepts, tools and techniques to study and
attempt to solve any engineering or system problem. Stress is given on quality of
training for development of professional competence.

* Students pursuing Section B Examination can take up project work only after
securing minimum grade ā€˜Cā€™ in 5 (five) subjects in an engineering branch of
Section B.

* On receipt of the application for project work, a letter giving the name and
address of the project guide shall be issued to the students by the headquarters
of the Institution. After receipt of the letter from the Institution, students are
expected to contact the project guide within a week for their project work,
carrying with them their Identity Card and copy of the current marksheet.

* The project work may be from any of the following types:
a) Comprehensive case study (covering any structure, industry or system);
b) Field-oriented analysis and/or design problems (such as design of engineering
structures, industrial/engineering processes and systems);
c ) Management-oriented study (such as evaluation, estimation, optimisation,
planning, and management, etc.);
d) Repair and maintenance of equipment, structures, etc.;
e) Any other project work a project guide may wish to allot to the student.