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Introduction to Control System amie section b study note

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:32 pm
by shubhayu
Control System is one of major subject for Electrical Engineering . Here i give you Introduction to Control System amie section b study note. it is very good note.

It contain

Control System Definition

Advantages of Control Systems

A History of Control Systems

Open-Loop control Systems (Non-feedback Systems)

Closed-Loop Control Systems (Feedback Control Systems)

Effect of Feedback on Overall Gain

Effect of Feedback on Stability

Effect of Feedback on External Disturbance or Noise

Types of feedback control system

Linear versus Nonlinear Control Systems

Time-Invariant versus Time-Varying Systems

Computer-Controlled Systems, Analysis and Design Objectives

Transient Response, Steady-State Response and Stability

The Design Process

Computer Aided Design

The Control Systems Engineer