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Section-A Material science last ten year Important Questions

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2016 5:17 pm
by rajamohanta4
Section-A Material science last ten year Important Questions for Chapter- Defects in Solids
1.State and Explain Fick's Laws of Diffusion.
2.Difference between edge and screw dislocations in terms of Burger's Vector.
3.State & Explain Hume Rothery Rule .
4.Difference between Schottky & Frenkel inperfections.
5.What do you mean by Stacking fault and Stacking sequence ?
6.Write notes on Interstitial and vacancy diffusion.
7.Difference between interstitial and substitutional solid solution.
8.Difference between Slip And Cross Slip.
9.Write note on Kirkendal Effect.
10.Explain Burger Vector in a typical screw dislocation with diagram.
11.What is diffusibility ? How steady state diffusion depends on temperature ?
12.Difference between Sessile and Gissile dislocation.
13.How point defect concentration of metal depends on temperature.
14.Under the application of external stress, what is the direction of movement of edge and screw dislocation in solid with respect to Burger's Vector ?
15.How Fick's law can help you in the problems of case carburising ? Will you use very high temperature ?