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Sec-A (AD304) Social structure last ten years Question

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Sec-A (AD304) Social structure last ten years Question

Postby rajamohanta4 » Fri Sep 16, 2016 2:39 pm

Last ten years Long Question collection for Sec-A, AD-304, Chapter- Social Structure and Dynamics
1.Is sociolaogy a science ,discuss.
2.Relation of sociology with other social science.
3.Explain major forms of stratification system.
4.What do you mean by Social Mobility. What are its Types and What are the factors responsible for it.
5.What are the recent changes in the caste system.
6.Write note on Caste system in India.
7.What do you mean by social tension ? What is its cause ?
8.What are the factors that bring social change ?
9.Write notes on Social Conflicts.
10.Write note on Joint Family system.
11.What do you mean by Cultural heritage ?
12.What are the difference between Culture and civilisation.
13.What are the difference between Association and Institution.
14.What are the difference between Custom and Tradition.
15.What are the difference between Religion and culture.
16.What are the difference between Formal and informal group.
17.What are the difference between Social system and social Institution.
18.What are the difference between Class and caste.
19.What are the difference between Society and community.
20.What are the difference between Competition and Conflict.
21.What are the reasons for Crime in India ? What are the steps to control it ?
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