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useful to clear the computing abd informatics

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 5:18 pm
by sagar sharma
Hi friends I had submitted some tips to clear the computing and informatics I will hope some tip help to score and passing. Regular reading and make useful important point to remember and score in marks and try to define the answer with diagram. The computing and informatics details syalbus on logic gate C-program and C++ generaton of computer and application of software.
Tips w1.For Non IT Student they should first complete computer hardware and computer software. if you do this will improve your confidence and remove your fear regarding computing and informatics.

2. If we look at last two to three year question paper we see that Binary conversion and Logic Gates are compulsory question so make strong command over this.

3. To complete computer theory in better way , I would like to advice you to use PETER NORTON textbook of TATAMcGRAW HILL publication. this is the Best book for computer theory i ever known. i used the same book and cleared my computing and informatics paper.

4. For Programming Language i want to i want to say that first make strong command over C Language after that learn C++. If you have any friend having IT background take his help otherwise join any institute for coaching of C and c++ language.

5.If we look at past few year question paper we find that Networking question asked regularly so networking question may be your sure marks if you prepare for it in good way.