Why you take admission in AMIE?

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Why you take admission in AMIE?

Post by subham »

Hi friends every time you may think why you take admission in AMIE? Lots of you has good reason behind that, but many student till confused and search the answer on google for Why you take admission in AMIE? To search this result lots of student thinks in recognition issue, future prospect after completing amie. Someone even search can they pass AMIE? Because they heard AMIE is very hard to complete.

For all of those students who are still thinking Why you take admission in AMIE? I want to add my opinion. It may help you to take decision, it may acceptable to all or may not acceptable. About AMIE you should have clear idea that

1) IEIndia is not a University so amie obviously has no chance to get recognized or approved by UGC.
2) IEIndia not conduct any regular engineering course so no question to approve by AICTE.
3) IEIndia is a Statutory Council in India like AICTE, Medical Council of India – MCI, Indian Nursing Council – INC, Bar Council of India –BCI they all can run their own course not need to take any approval from anywhere. And it is not a lecture of me you can check it in AICTE official website click on this link http://www.aicte-india.org/councilsinindia.htm

Look AMIE is a course for professional student you need to engage with job to take Membership. And the quality of the question paper , number evolution , and examination system is very well known to all of us including Member of AICTE ,MHRD and other government body. It is not easy like other distance course which is running in India including Aicte approved distance MCA/MBA course.
If you people think it is not approved by AICTE then Why you take admission in AMIE? For those I share some point

1) It is a distance mode you can continue it with your job with no objection to any one.
2) The fees are very less and affordable. Click HERE to see the fee structure.
3) It is well Known and recognized by every recruiter also state Government.
4) And please see AICTE approval is not lie in IIT’s Engineering courses.Then the engineer of IIT’S are valueless? They are the highest salary getter in INDIA.

Do not forget you are a Engineer, job search you. You not need to search job if you learn some thing during your course. May I harsh on this issue But I am very proud to be an AMIEan. If you think I am true please reply to my post

Why you take admission in AMIE?



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Re: Why you take admission in AMIE?

Post by Gopi G »

what to do for certificate of engagement if anyone not doing job at present?
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Re: Why you take admission in AMIE?

Post by visualcpp »

Well said. As long as this dispute is in court, the existing validity of this course will continue to exist. As AICTE's approving authority itself was dismissed by court, now the issue has taken into new direction. Lets hope for the best. But I believe that an (around) 100 years old body wouldn't be wipped off just like that by any authority from Government end.

B.E/B.Tech (except from NIT and IIT) degree can not even come any closer to AMIE's standards. Lets be proud to be an AMIEan.
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Re: Why you take admission in AMIE?

Post by bschahuan »

I'm agree with it

We should feel proud on

और रही बात recognition के बारे में सोचने वालो की
तो मै तो यही कहूँगा दोस्त
"के आता ना जाता , जय भारतमाता"
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